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5 Facts Your Staff Needs to Know about Customer Service

Posted by Meredith Estepon Thu, May 05, 2016 @ 01:49 PM

dreamstime_4295567-1.jpgTeaching effective customer service is not easy. Sometimes employees come to work with absolutely no idea of how to serve customers well, and other times, they do not understand why it even matters.


Before you can instill good skills in your employees, you need to explain the importance of high quality customer service for both your staff and your bottom line. Here are the basic facts your employees need to know about customer service.


It Boosts Sales


Let us start with the obvious: the better your customer service, the more sales you make. High quality service puts your staff in tune with your customers so needs are recognized and products and services are sold to meet them.  When customers feel comfortable with your employees, they also feel more comfortable opening up their wallet to make purchases.


It Builds Loyalty


When customers like your employees, they are more likely to come back to your business time and time again. High quality service does more than boost your sales; it also builds customer loyalty, which in turn builds your bottom line. Your staff needs to understand the vital link between the service they provide and the confidence customers have with your company.


It Puts Customer Service Representatives at the Forefront


When your staff is providing high quality service, they become the shining stars of your company.  Customers do not come to see the corporation; they want to work with the same customer service representative that provided them with stellar service on their last visit. You can do much to support this philosophy by providing your employees with ample training and support that allows them to be the best customer service representatives they can be.


It Gives a Competitive Edge


In many industries, customer service is the competitive edge that makes the difference between companies that thrive and businesses that flounder. Your staff holds the key to the success of your company in comparison to all the competitors in your area. Most people have a natural competitive streak, and knowing that they make the difference in your competition can inspire and motivate many employees to put their best foot forward every day.


It Builds Your Reputation


Most employees want to work for a top-notch business, but do they understand that they hold the key to your corporate reputation? When employees are providing the best possible service to your customers, your business is automatically looked upon in a more positive light. The better the service they provide; the better your reputation becomes. Your staff needs to know that they are the primary factor in the quality of business they work for.  They should understand that the better their service is, the better their company is.


When your staff understands the importance of high quality customer service, they have a better perspective on the impact they make on the success of your company. Before you begin teaching your employees the finer points of customer service, explain the significance of their work to the success of your company overall. When they feel like an integral part of your team, they will be more likely to show up for work every day, willing to give their best to their jobs.

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