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Five Ways to Motivate Customer Service Representatives

Posted by Meredith Estepon Wed, Jun 16, 2010 @ 11:32 AM

 Five Ways to Motivate Customer Service Representatives

Customer service is no easy task.  Managing clients who are difficult, demanding or simply cranky can weigh heavily on even the best in the customer service field. It is important to motivate your customer service representatives to aspire to the best job they can do - and continue at that pinnacle level over the long term.

Take advantage of these tips to help you keep your customer service staff at the top of their game, regardless of how challenging the game might become.

Hire Wisely

When hiring for a customer service position, look for applicants that have a passion for serving others, a willingness to learn, and a desire to be part of a team. If you hire wisely at the beginning, you will have an easier job managing the representatives in the long term. These professionals will be willing to put forth the effort and will respond positively to the motivational techniques you throw at them.

Create a Standard

It is important to set standards within your organization that provide your employees with a clear idea of their job description.  This rubric also provides you with the necessary means to accurately assess their performance.

Standards offer accurate expectations for customers and staff alike. In order to ensure that your standards have value, create ones that are precise, easy to understand, and easy to objectively measure.

Continue Training

Ongoing training offers additional skills your employees can call upon as they become more comfortable with their positions. It can prepare them to move up the company hierarchy, and it can definitely motivate them to improve their job performance.

Whether you provide brief training sessions during staff meetings or send your employees to corporate training events, ongoing training is essential to a highly motivated, skilled customer service staff.

Build a Team

Employees like to feel as though they are part of a team that is all working together toward a single goal. To ensure your employees are motivated to do their job well, remind them that their performance affects the rest of the team. By the same token, allow them to provide input and share concerns, since they may see things on the front line that management may not witness. 

Offer Rewards

Finally, reward employees for a job well done. Certainly, they receive their weekly paycheck, but letting them know that their efforts have been specifically noticed by management will inspire them to a higher performance level.

Acknowledge employees who go the extra mile for customers through recognition at a staff meeting or in a monetary reward presented in front of the rest of the staff.

Keeping a customer service staff requires ongoing attention and effort, but the rewards are far reaching. When your employees are providing the highest quality of service possible, your company will reap the benefits in a larger customer base and higher profits.

-Meredith Estep

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