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How Employee Morale Affects Customer Service

Posted by Meredith Estepon Wed, Aug 18, 2010 @ 08:57 AM

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Your employees are the front line of your business, providing customers with that critically important first impression of your company.  Subsequently, when your staff is not happy, your customers usually are not happy either.

For example, two years ago, articles surfaced about the poor service in certain Wal-Mart stores. The articles directly linked the lack of quality service with low employee morale. In fact, the employees themselves stated that if their employer did not care about them, they would not put forth customer service effort.

There is little doubt that the satisfaction of your staff has a direct impact on the quality of care your customers receive from them. This means that superior customer service has to start at the top – in the way management builds up and empowers their employees to be the best they can be. The good news is that there are plenty of ideas in boosting morale, and many of them do not have to cost the company an arm and a leg to implement.



Is Your Staff Unhappy?

Before you get out your pompoms and start cheering on your team, We are going to take a look at the current condition of your staff's morale. Do you see any of these warning signs brewing?

• The staff counts down the minutes until they can go home.
• Employees complain about their lack of breaks or time off.
• Many suffer with frequent headaches or other ailments.
• Employees complain about the customers they must serve.

With a sluggish economy and layoffs still looming in many companies, the general mood of employees today tends to be less than stellar. If you are hearing mutterings in the ranks, it may be time to get seriously creative in your methods of sparking positive feelings in your staff once again.

Morale Boosters

There are plenty of easy ways to get your staff back onboard with your corporate mission and a team attitude. Try these ideas on for size:

• Recognition Programs - Employees like to be recognized for a job well done, particularly if that recognition is done for the rest of the staff to see. Call attention to acts of superior customer service at staff meetings or other times when the rest of the team is sure to see.

• Financial Rewards – Yes, times are tight for many companies today, but it does not take all that much to make your employees feel good. Try small gift cards or funny prizes for the outstanding customer service representatives each month.

• Develop a Team Approach – Team building works when it is done right because it brings everyone together with a common purpose. Make sure your employees feel like a part of your team by welcoming suggestions or listening to concerns.

This is just a sampling of the many ways you can boost your staff's morale. When employees are happy, everyone else is as well – especially your customers.

-Meredith Estep

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