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Using Mystery Shoppers to Improve Customer Service

Posted by Meredith Estepon Thu, Mar 24, 2011 @ 03:30 PM

  ufp1 generaldocs IHD Services Images for Blog dreamstime 1783140Mystery shoppers are like professional auditors for your customer service department. These professionals can carry out samples at your place of business, over the phone, or on your website.

Unlike real customers, mystery shoppers are trained to know what qualities to look for and measure in your customer service representatives. They offer constructive feedback on the current level of your customer service so you can make necessary corrections that raise the bar on customer satisfaction overall.

We have tips to help you determine whether mystery shopping is the right solution for your business.

The Benefits of Mystery Shopping

Before you sign on with a mystery shopping service in your area, consider whether your company will reap real benefits from this process. Some of the common benefits of mystery shopping include:

• The ability to see your business through your customers’ eyes. There is no way to get this perspective from someone within your company as effectively.
• An accurate evaluation of your customer service training. A mystery shopper will reveal whether your employees are learning the right customer service skills to give your company a positive impression with your clientele.
• A comprehensive evaluation of your customer service department. A good mystery shopper can tell you what works in your customer service process and what most definitely does not.

Through mystery shoppers, you can accurately assess the current state of your customer service and pinpoint corrections to the specific deficits in your level of service. This program can help you fine tune your customer service much more efficiently than other assessments might.

Beginning a Mystery Shopping Program

If these benefits sound like advantages you want for your own company, it is time to launch your first mystery shopping program with these steps:

• Tell your staff that you will be implementing the program, so they do not feel like they were blindsided after the fact. Let them know this is not a punitive measure, but a training tool that could raise your level of service across the board.
• Set the service benchmarks you want measured by your mystery shopping service. These benchmarks will be the service features that you feel are most important to your company.
• Determine what you want to know from your mystery shopping program so you can convey these facets to the company you hire. A competent mystery shopping service will be able to customize your program to your specific business needs.
• Shop around for the mystery shopping service that will best meet your needs and budget. You can either hire a larger company that can handle the entire process or freelance out for a few mystery shoppers that will collect the data that you will then compile on your own.

Mystery shopping can be one of the most effective ways for evaluating the current state of your customer service so that you can target improvements to the areas where you need it most. A competent professional in this area can give you the tools you need to raise the standard on your level of service throughout your company.

-Meredith Estep

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