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Promote Employee Retention in Your Call Center

Posted by Meredith Estepon Tue, Apr 12, 2011 @ 02:16 PM

describe the imageA study involving 54 Fortune 1,000 companies showed that hiring the wrong person in a call center can cost up to 26 times the amount of that person's salary!  To make the situation even more stressful, as much as 50% of a call center staff may turn over in any given year, costing the company money in terms of hiring and training.

To help retain employees in your call center, we have five tips to try.

An Aesthetically Pleasing Environment

It may seem like a small detail, but providing call center staff with comfortable furniture and an aesthetically pleasing environment can have a big impact on their job satisfaction.

When putting together your call center, set up your phone stations to encourage employee interaction and collaboration. This helps your call center employees feel more like part of a team and gives them a reason for coming to work every day.

A comfortable environment can also cut down on repetitive motion injuries and other problems that affect employee attendance records.

A Comprehensive Orientation Program

It might seem as though a thorough orientation program is not effective in an environment where there is traditionally a high turnover. However, statistics show that the large majority of employees that leave a company within the first three months make the decision to quit in the first couple of days on the job.

By providing your staff with a positive entrance into your company, you encourage them to feel good about being hired by your company, which means they are more likely to stick around until they learn the ropes of their job.

Ongoing Training Programs

Employees who feel like they stagnate in their positions quickly are less likely to demonstrate job satisfaction over the long haul. It is human nature to want to grow and learn new things, so give your employees the opportunity to improve their skills regularly with ongoing training programs. These classes can also serve as strong motivating tools to help staff give their best effort to their job every day.

Mentoring programs are another good option to plug new employees into the company and improve employee retention.

High Quality Managers

A good manager is one of the top reasons employees stay with a company over the long term, so hire and develop the best possible management team for your call center. Like the rest of your staff, managers require ongoing training and regular incentives to motivate them to do the best job possible. It is also important to give managers all the support they need to run their department as efficiently as possible.

Employee Incentives and Recognition

Regular incentives and recognition are key factors to satisfying a staff that has the difficult job of customer service every day. It is easy for employees to think they are not cut out for the task when dealing with unhappy, complaining customers on a regular basis. By offering these employees positive reinforcement for a job well done, they will be more likely to continue to put forth the effort for a longer period of time.

A good call center begins with a stable staff. Follow these tips to keep your call center staff around over the long haul and provide a higher quality of customer service overall. 

-Meredith Estep

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