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Bringing Customer Service into Technology

Posted by Meredith Estepon Tue, May 08, 2012 @ 04:44 PM

describe the imageTechnology is a fabulous tool for making the customer experience faster and more efficient, but is it stripping the personal touch from your company’s customer service? Before investing in the many CRM technologies available today, it is important to assess whether those tools will directly address the needs of your customer. It is also essential that you find ways to keep an interactive touch on your service methodology to ensure your customers remember they are working with a business full of real people, rather than just machines and devices.

Take advantage of these tips to ensure your technology provides the right level of service for your customer.

Choose Wisely

When you begin shopping for CRM technology for your business, choose your tools wisely to ensure they truly enhance the customer experience. Some of the areas where technology is taking customer service to the next level include:

• Communication – A wealth of options now exist, including email, social networks, live chat and apps.
• Websites – Your website should allow customers to interact with your staff, as well as one another.
• Software – Tools that collect information on your customers help you become proactive in your service approach.

By evaluating all three of these areas, you can find the technology tools that will prove to be the greatest asset to your customer service.


Social networks are now an essential component of the customer service experience. Put your call center in charge of monitoring social networks and providing customer interaction when necessary. Develop policies for dealing with customer complaints on social networks and train contact center employees to use places like Twitter and Facebook to promote customer service through direct interaction with customers.


With so many tools available for customer interaction today, it is important to have some sort of collaboration in place to ensure customers can transition seamlessly from one avenue to the next. For example, the customer contact center should now have access to a wealth of communication options, from email and live chat to social networks and mobile channels. The ability to move easily from one channel to the next goes far in eliminating customer frustration.

Go Visual

To personalize your technology tools, go visual, by posting pictures of your customer service staff on your website or providing video interaction when applicable. When customers can put a name and face to the person typing on live chat or interacting via social networks, they are more likely to develop a real relationship with your company.

Use Analytics

One of the most useful tools technology provides is the ability to track customer interactions efficiently and accurately. By gaining a full picture of customer histories, your customer service team can become proactive in the way they approach your customers. This knowledge can impact every aspect of your business, from product development to marketing and service.

As technology becomes the normal mode of interaction for most people, customer service is becoming more dependent on devices, rather than people. However, keeping your customer service people in the process ensures your customers will continue to enjoy personalized service, no matter how automated your business becomes.

- Meredith Estep

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