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High Employee Morale = High Customer Satisfaction

Posted by Meredith Estepon Thu, Aug 16, 2012 @ 10:01 AM

dreamstime 6524448When your employees are happy with their jobs, the gears of your operation run smoothly. Did you know this applies to your customers as well? Customers can tell whether employees are content in their positions, whether they consciously know it or not. A happy staff is more likely to greet customers with a smile and go the extra mile in service efforts whenever possible.

How do you boost morale to improve customer satisfaction? Use the five easy tips listed here.

Empower Your Staff

When your staff has the ability to make good decisions for their customers in regards to policies and procedures, they will meet customer challenges more willingly. An empowered staff is more likely to feel like an integral part of the team. They will feel trusted and valued. Employees who are given the authority to manage customers' issues and complaints will usually manage them well – especially if they know you are backing them all the way.

Provide Clear Training

Employees need to have a complete concept of how policies and procedures fit with your overall business philosophy. An employee who is well trained in their job does not have to worry about getting reprimanded for making a bad decision or wondering how to handle the next irritated customer that walks though the door. Thorough training inspires confidence, and a confident employee is usually a happy one.

Offer Rewards

When you see an employee go the extra mile, acknowledge their efforts. If you can acknowledge them in front of the rest of the staff, that can be even better. Employees like to know they are doing a good job, and regular praise for a job well done will go far in building staff morale. One good deed will trickle down to another, and your customers will be the ultimate beneficiaries of your efforts.

Give Your Staff a Say

Employees want to be able to come to their managers with concerns or ideas. Encourage them by asking for feedback at meetings. You might be surprised at the level of innovation you can capitalize on, and your employees will appreciate the fact that you actually care about their opinion on matters. Staff that is directly engaged in the daily operations of the company will feel more invested in the business and more inclined to put their best feet forward every day with your customers.

Lead by Example

If you want your staff to engage with your customers and put their needs first, you must lead the way in your efforts. Do you greet customers when they walk into your business or do you tend to hide in your office for the majority of the day? When an employee asks a question, do you practice active listening skills and provide him with a thorough answer to his request? If you are treating your employees with courtesy and respect, they will be more likely to treat your customers in a similar fashion.

Happy staff and satisfied customers are the key to a healthy bottom line. When you take the time to boost up your employees, you will see the effects of your efforts trickle down to your customers as well.

 -Meredith Estep

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