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Execute to Excellence

Posted by Mike Magee on Fri, Dec 18, 2009 @ 06:00 AM

excellenceTo accomplish memorable results and to leave an indelible professional impression, you need to guide your actions with the constant overriding goal to "Execute to Excellence."  With that in mind, your work and your efforts will be your brand.  

To set one's self apart from the competition, it is not enough to have a lower price. You need to present your customers an alternative. Success creates success. If you can deliver success to your customer then they will get the strong impression that you have delivered to them an exceptional value.  You are on your way to building a brand that represents your best efforts.  

When a brand is created the goal is to build awareness.  A successful brand is thought of when needs arise. Customers call the people they trust can help them achieve excellence.  If you can make your customer successful, they will help you be successful.

Customers, similar to individuals, sometimes build their own brand for you. When people meet, they race to stereotype that new person so that they can remember them later. That is why first impressions are so important.  And the need to execute to excellence on the first and every activity is so critical.  

If you don't build that brand right away you probably will not get a second chance.  

If you don't build the brand for the customer they will fill in the blanks for you.  I have noticed that on many occasions when I have not had enough time with a particular customer to inform them of our brand.  They will make assumptions about what my brand includes.  The omission of critical brand values is usually the outcome and lost opportunity the result.

Help your customers see the brand you wish them to see. Remember everything you do is your opportunity to build your brand. 

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