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How HP is Using Flash Storage to Revolutionize Virtualization

Posted by Unitiv on Wed, Jan 07, 2015 @ 09:30 AM

cb068324_loresVirtualized environments are demanding when it comes to storage. Tier-1 virtualized applications require always-on, fast, available access to data. One of the ways that today’s virtualization vendors are increasing the stability and speed of storage access in virtualized environments is through the use of flash, and HP is leading the way among the crowd.

Storage challenges facing the enterprise today

There are a number of significant challenges that the enterprise faces today when it comes to handling storage in a virtualized environment, including:

  • The cost and complexity of implementing data protection in a virtualized environment
  • Outmoded storage architecture that doesn’t hold up under virtualized and random I/O
  • Low VM density and storage inefficiencies that provide you with lower ROI than what you anticipated
  • Difficulties with having enough availability and performance to be able to virtualize those mission critical workloads
  • Complex management which means a higher administrative overhead.

These are real problems, and they’re costing your organization time and money.

How HP storage solutions help

Fortunately, HP storage solutions with flash offer you some solutions. Using HP storage solutions, you can:

  • Have a virtualized platform that’s able to be up and running within about 15 minutes
  • Reach consistent and measurable performance objectives in an economy of scale, and with unpredictable, dynamic workloads.
  • Double your VM density while cutting the capacity requirements in half.
  • Virtualize your top-tier business critical applications safely and confidently.
  • Maximize availability of your top tier applications without compromising their performance
  • Increased scalability and performance through offloading certain compute intensive tasks to your flash storage
  • Reduced administrative overhead through integration with management tools

HP offers flash storage in its storage products without compromise. The HP 3PAR StoreServe products are agile and efficient, and specifically designed to be implemented in high-demand, virtualized, Tier-1 environments. Even your most demanding business critical applications, regardless of size, can be virtualized with confidence using HP flash storage.


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Comparing 3 of the Top Converged Infrastructure Offerings

Posted by Crystal Nichols on Wed, Jul 23, 2014 @ 11:14 AM

In an effort to make efficient use of resources while at the same time reducing overall complexity and management overhead, IT departments and data centers are opting more and more for converged infrastructure options. Indeed, companies from small businesses up to large international firms can benefit from converged infrastructure offerings.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular converged infrastructure offerings and see just how they stack up:

1.    Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). Five years in, UCS is the oldest player in the marketplace. Given that Cisco was a newcomer into the server arena, they had the advantage of being able to consider at length just what kinds of problems faced by IT. For example, at the very start of things they put both IP networking and Fibre Channel on the back-end infrastructure. Today, UCS is scalable, and there are offerings that support remote or branch offices. The Cisco UCS line fits the data center well, mixing fine with most operating systems. The primary UCS drawbacks are the high initial price and the three year warranty (the competition generally goes five years).

2.    NetApp FlexPod. NetApp is a significant player in the converged infrastructure arena, and with good reason. Built on UCS B-series and VMware, FlexPod relies on the FAS storage arrays from NetApp. Any of the FAS arrays are available to be used, and they all operate using Data OnTAP from NetApp. There is support for Hyper-V and bare metal OSes. There is no unified management interface, requiring customers to use separate interfaces for storage, network and computing. There are third-party apps, however, that work on a robust set of APIs to offer management via a single pane of glas.

3.    HP VirtualSystem. HP offers a variety of modular systems including end-to-end management and a maximizing of client and virtual server performance. It also provides a basis for HP CloudSystems. HP AppSystems offers integrated sytems designed for dedicated workloads, and HP Matrix lets you use HP Insight and InsightDynamics to pull from pooled server, storage and network infrastructures.

Your choice of converged infrastructure will, to a large degree, be determined by your need for simplicity of management, flexibility and unique needs such as branch and remote offices.

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HP StoreOnce Helps Reign In Data Growth Management

Posted by Crystal Nichols on Thu, May 15, 2014 @ 10:52 AM

We’re well into a phase of unpredictable data growth. As so many organizations have discovered in recent years, unpredictable data growth means significant increases in risk and in the complexity of data management. The proliferation of data silos due to data deduplication is just one of the many possible unintended consequences of this phenomenon.hp store once resized 600

There’s good news for the storage world, however. HP StoreOnce Backup systems offer organizations a reliable, high-performance scalable backup framework that will effectively support the entire enterprise.

The StoreOnce range of products

StoreOnce offers effective solutions across the business spectrum. Let’s take a look at some of the offerings in this line:

  • StoreOnce 6500. This powerhouse is aimed at enterprise data centers. The StoreOnce 6500 can scale from 72TB usable (120TB raw) all the way up to 1728TB usable (2240TB raw).
  • StoreOnce 4000 series. Mid-size data centers and regional offices might best benefit from the StoreOnce 4000 series. The 4500 and 4700 can be scaled from 16TB usable (24TB raw) to 160TB usable (192TB raw). At the top of the series is the 4900 which scales from 36TB usable (60TB raw) to 432TB usable (560TB raw).
  • StoreOnce VSA VMWare virtual appliance. This one is perfect for small offices or for remote offices. It can scale from 1 to 10 TB. Alternatively, the StoreOnce 2700 appliance will offer 5.5TB usable (8TB raw).

As you can see, there’s a StoreOnce solution for organizations across the spectrum.

Top StoreOnce Features

StoreOnce technology is sure to make an impact on your organization. Consider just a few of the features in this line:

  • Scaling architecture and price performance. This allows you to pay as you grow, matching your performance needs alongside the actual trajectory your organization is on. You can start small and add capacity and nodes as you need them.
  • Enterprise wide federated deduplication. Using the StoreOnce deduplication technology, your entire organization can benefit from deduplication all the way from the application source to the backup server to the target appliance.
  • Industry leading backup and restore performance. You can backup within the window that works best for your organization at speeds from 3.7TB/hour at the low end all the way up to 1390TB/hour at the high end.\

HP StoreOnce solutions are designed to meet the needs of today’s enterprise and to do so in a way that’s both cost-effective and efficient.

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HP Backup and Recovery Manager: Protecting You One Machine at a Time

Posted by Crystal Nichols on Tue, May 06, 2014 @ 11:13 AM

bigstock A red computer key with the wo 35513465 resized 600Enterprise-wide backup is a key component to keeping your organization up and running smoothly. Yet, there’s a data loss risk that all too many organizations face on a regular basis: data loss from an individual computer. No matter how well you educate your users, someday you’re going to need critical data on a computer that’s begun to fail for one reason or another. That’s where the HP Backup & Recovery Manager can be a game saver for your organization.

What does it do?

HP Backup & Recovery Manager gives your organization peace of mind. It works by creating regularly-scheduled snapshots of your HP computer. This snapshot can be stored in several ways, including:

  • A protected area on your primary hard drive
  • On a secondary hard drive
  • Over the network
  • On external optical media

This insures that, if your data is accidentally deleted or if your operating system is corrupted, you can still get to your mission-critical data.


You can also use HP Backup & Recovery Manager to create Recovery Discs on CD or DVD for your HP computers. By creating images of your computers with factory-installed software plus customizations and data unique to your organization, disaster recover becomes much easier than ever.

Ease of use

Once you open HP Backup and Recovery Manager, you’ll be surprised at just how quick it is to learn and how easy it is to use. Bringing back a lost or deleted file is as simple as using the restore wizard; system recovery can be reached from the boot menu by pressing F11 and selecting “Recover PC.”

Features and benefits

Here are some of the features and benefits your organization can get from HP Backup & Recovery Manager:

  • Make system recovery discs that protect from critical hardware failure
  • Back up your individual folders and files for instant data protection
  • Backing up of open or locked application files (such as Outlook files) without closing the application
  • Backup to primary hard drive, secondary hard drive, optical media, flash media or network drive
  • Scheduled backups and regular system snapshots
  • System image recovery discs for quick disaster recovery

In short, HP Backup & Recovery Manager keeps the data on your HP computers safe, current and recoverable.

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HP Security: Fortification for your company

Posted by Crystal Nichols on Mon, Feb 10, 2014 @ 02:43 PM

hpWhen it comes to security there is no other than HP that you can trust.  They are the brains behind ArcSight, TippingPoint and now, Fortify which does exactly what the name suggests – fortifies your project.  The Fortify on-demand application can be tested before you decide to buy.  Fortify fills the gap of HP security and has made waves in the market as it is the best third-party record system whereby one can get an accurate analysis of an application for use in the security and vital to development teams.  It even has mobile apps and is very easy to manage as it requires no hardware or software and certainly no need for maintenance.  It generates results within 24 hours, which proves to be useful for static assessments.

Take the security of your business assets to the next level with the HP Fortify Software Security Centre.  This is a must-have for any business as it can even address security issues in software that you already have.  It will also tackle potential risks in software that is being developed by you or even in those you buy from outside vendors.  This in itself will help the organization to minimize risks and threats and Fortify will give the necessary solutions that will cover the entire spectrum of your security needs. Moreover, the process is automatic and the results do not need any manual editing. 

Taking the cost of the product into account, one can only say that it is minimal compared to the work that it does and the amount of time and money that you get to save.  The Ponemon Institute says that it takes approximately 24 days and around $60,000 to mend a cyber attack.  Moreover, this is not something that happens to the other company, it can happen to yours.  Any software is under attack whether we know it or not and that is why HP security stresses on the need to have innovative products like Fortify as part of your team.  You need Fortify, as Gartner has predicted that the rate of cyber-crimes is expected to grow by at least 10% every year.

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A Facelift for Your Business: HP Converged Infrastructure

Posted by Crystal Nichols on Wed, Feb 05, 2014 @ 07:54 AM

data center 1 resized 600When your Data Centre is not up to par and is not meeting your needs or is excessively expensive to maintain, then it is time for an HP change.  Meet the new HP Converged Infrastructure which gives a complete makeover to your existing infrastructure, giving it that extra business edge by making it more efficient and simple-to-handle at the same time.  You will be amazed at the changes to the work style of your data centre, becoming more flexible and less expensive to run.   Most businesses are not able to deliver simply because they spend around 70% of their resources on unproductive operations. These are vital to the maintenance of the company; they are also a steady drain.  This leaves only 30% of the resources for IT needs to be met.  Convergence technology changes all that and makes more room for tremendous opportunities to emerge.

Experience the power of Converged Infrastructure which has a built-in intelligence to intuitively transform your network from every source, adapting it to meet the future today.  The convergence will bring with it cutting-edge servers, security, networking, storage and other services that can be easily integrated with your own infrastructure without any disruption.  Combined with the cloud computing technology which promises anywhere/anytime delivery of services and products, Convergence forms the perfect foundation that your business desperately needs.  It will turn the rigid resources used by business into a flexible hybrid venue where it can be shared by all who need it to deliver IT results.  

The results are astounding as witnessed by companies who have implemented the HP Converged Infrastructure.  Companies testify that they have been able to reallocate more than half of the resources, which at one time was not giving them production.  Therefore, the ratio has now become 70% of profitable and productive resources used to deliver IT solutions from the previously known 70% of unproductive resources.  This has in turn increased the efficiency of the employees and has made the companies more capable of competing in the global market.  It has also decreased production time from 20 days to just 5 days in a typical project. 

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Advanced Security: HP Tipping Point

Posted by Crystal Nichols on Mon, Dec 16, 2013 @ 09:59 AM

hp tipping pointThere is now more ground to be protected with the influx of sophisticated solutions like cloud computing, advanced mobile device usage and millions of applications for business and recreation.  This calls for an equally advanced mode of security that will work around the clock, regardless of the type of applications, networking solutions and data that is being handled.  Taking into account the constant demand for security, HP has introduced its advanced security solution for networking in its HP TippingPoint, which can work in all directions and can accommodate itself to guard your data, applications, and networks from any type of attacks.

There are many key features that make it the number one choice, such as its ability to defend any type of network, be it cloud, physical or virtual.  It can also protect operations and traffic in real time and also provides security intelligence.  This level of security is the result of extensive research conducted by HP to deliver industry-required protection in all levels and activities.  HP DVLab experts from all across the globe enable cutting-edge security advancements while always keeping in mind policies and industry requirements.  In addition to such advanced security, HP gives regular updates on its products to provide security that might be needed in the future as well as information on current risks that threaten to envelope industries via the Web and on iTunes.  

It is not going to take businesses more than a minute to read on HP TippingPoint products like the Security Management System (SMS) and the Next-generation intrusion prevention system (NGIPS). If you want deployments on all HP TippingPoint products, get the SMS and NGIPS so that you can give the best security for your business needs.  The next high-powered product of HP TippingPoint is the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) which can give you 20Gbps of real-time protection brought about by in-line network security for all data centres and any type of networks.  These products are time-tested and proved by multiple usages to be the best and most resilient and robust solution based products.  To make things even easier, HP has provided multiple models which you can peruse to choose one that matches your needs.

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HP HAVEn: Big Data Success

Posted by Crystal Nichols on Thu, Dec 12, 2013 @ 10:01 AM

HP havenWhen HP did a survey on companies and Big Data, it was found that nearly half of the companies failed to make Big Data work for them.  So the rules of the game had to be changed so that companies can tap into the power of Big Data and HP has done its mastery in introducing HP HAVEn which is a clear Big Data analytics next-generation platform.  More adjectives can be added to the platform but the main idea behind it is to enable companies to easily profit from Big Data in all its totality.

HAVEn is said to be an eye-opener for its users as it gives new insights and solutions with the use of advanced analytics for each and every data and concern that an organization might be interested in.  HP declares that HAVEn is not just about technology but about the transformation of the way businesses are done.  In all its history, HP has aided businesses in the field of IT and has now extended its own capabilities by bringing out an open platform along with its ecosystem of global IT partners.  This now helps businesses to have transformation in its hardware, software, services and infrastructure.  

The openness of the platform preserves customer’s technological choices while at the same time protects investments already made.  In fact, it can support all major distributions of Hadoop which has made its customers happy.  The platform also provides ports through which one can connect to various clouds and virtual environments.  It can actually interoperate with providers of data visualization, especially with all the leading ones in the market.

One of the reasons HAVEn is so successful is that it has combined technologies from HP such as Autonomy, Vertica, Operations Management and ArcSight all of which are masters in technology in their own right.  This amalgamation helps businesses to avoid setbacks, as these technologies have been time-tested and proven to be free of bugs and so can productively organize Big Data solutions.  In addition, HAVEn has new technologies for IT Strategy and Architecture, security and infrastructure that meets with industry standards and goals. 

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The Beauty of HP Simply Store IT

Posted by Crystal Nichols on Mon, Nov 04, 2013 @ 10:20 AM

HP has been the answer to many business needs and here comes the best solution of all, the Simply Store IT.  This is what all small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) have been waiting for, who do not have the time to process their escalating workload, the money to finance all their requirements, and who are at the mercy of risks like natural disasters, human slip-ups and equipment breakdown.  The HP Simply StoreIT brings with it simple, affordable, and reliable solutions.

hp simply store itIt has two components, which are the MSA 2040 and the StoreEasy storage systems which combine to give the perfect solutions that SMBs are looking for. The MSA 2040 take performance and management to new levels and is so simple that SMBs can use it with their eyes closed.  The operations are four times faster for per second operations than similar wares available in the market.  Moreover, it has been designed with the future in mind and so one can relax after investing in Simply StoreIT for years to come.  The customer can also expect upgrades for data-in-place from HP’s MSA P2000.  This is designed to protect existing investments, a crucial factor for small businesses.

The StoreEasy makes files and application storing, as the name suggests, so easy that it requires no special skills to manage it.  It saves time and money with its guaranteed efficiency by reducing competence requirements by almost 60%.  Moreover, the data is secure and sure with 24/7 protection on hand.  This affordable program ensures that storage is not compromised and the fair price makes it a favorite for SMBs.

This is the ideal storage system for every company that needs something at entry levels.  HP’s storage experts and partners can also recommend the right choice of solutions that your business will need.  The experts will take into account the size and your requirements, and will customize the system to fit your enterprise and needs, so giants in the business will not swallow you up with their sheer size and infrastructure.  This way SMBs can grow in a stress-free environment, well equipped for success and growth.

HP Simply Store Brochure

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What do you need to know about HP Moonshot?

Posted by Crystal Nichols on Fri, Jul 19, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

With the recent launch of it’s highly anticipated “Moonshot” server product line, hardware giant Hewlett-Packard hopes to revolutionize the server infrastructure manufacturing business. With over 10 billion devices already hooked to an expanding world wide web which shows no signs of slowing down, the existing server technology cannot hope to realistically match the exploding demand for data storage infrastructure in the near future. Designing and manufacturing bigger, expensive servers is no longer a feasible idea, due to space, power and cost constraints. Microservers like the new HP Moonshot offer a tantalizing alternative.

Microservers are compact, low-power servers designed with the objective of handling large volumes of individual tasks that need very little processing power, like handling static HTML elements on a high traffic website. They provide a cost-effective alternative to full-size servers that are more geared towards handling processor intensive tasks.

The first product unveiled by HP in their new microserver series, is the HP Moonshot 1500, a server enclosure loaded with 45 Intel Atom based CPU cartridges, with the necessary supporting components added on-board. The Intel Atom S1200, a very compact and power-saving model based on the x86 architecture, makes the 1500 perfect for web-hosting workloads.

The new server design from HP is geared towards delivering the most efficient service to a specific workload at the kind of massive scales that we are seeing at present with billions of devices accessing the internet at any given instant. To deliver this level of specialization, HP has developed a kind of “server ecosystem”, where multiple specialized processors or storage nodes (or cartridges as HP calls them) can be used.

HP plans to use the myriad x86 CPUs, GPUs, APUs, FPGAs and DSPs from Intel, AMD, Calxeda or Texas Instruments for the server cartridges on their ecosystems in upcoming Moonshot releases. There are also plans to incorporate ARM based servers in the near future. 

The current HP Moonshot 1500 box is a 4.3u server chassis, which when combined with the 45 Atom cartridges, translates into 450 server nodes per rack. And with each cartridge operating at sub-10W TDP, (compared to 90W-plus requirements of the high-end servers), the 1500 will consume approximately 90% less power, 80% less space and with a proportionate price decrease as well.

hp moonshot

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