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How OneStor from Xyratex Makes Enterprise Storage Simple Again

Posted by Unitiv on Fri, Jan 09, 2015 @ 09:00 AM

data_management-resized-600Xyratex has always been a leader when ot comes to building storage test equipment and storage enclosures and subsystems. Since being spun out of IBM more than 20 years ago and then picked up by Seagate recently, Xyratex has provided equipment that’s popular with some big name vendors from NetApp to Microsoft’s StorSimple hybrid cloud storage. Today, Seagate is leveraging the power of Xyratex for the SMB space, as well, via the OneStor Embedded Storage Platforms.

Here are some things OneStor platforms from Xyratex offer to you:

  • Intel CPU options including single, dual and quad core
  • Solid state on-board disk device for fast, efficient and reliable booting
  • Advanced power protection from Metis
  • Dual-embedded server modules that create a high availability internal architecture
  • Unified Systems Management via IPMI V2
  • Either Fibre Channel or Ethernet host connectivity on board
  • Optional PCIe interface modules that support Ethernet, Fibre Channel or InfiniBand
  • 6 Gigabyte SAS to your drives
  • Compatibility with SBB 2.0
  • The ability to expand via OneStor Modular enclosures

What it comes down to is that Xyratex is leading the way for the enterprise data storage solutions that you need. They do this in a cost-effective, high-performance, high-capacity way, and do so using common architecture as well as units that are field replaceable.

OneStor solutions from Xyratex offer you enterprise level storage systems for your data. They’ve been highly-rated among the OEM community for their reliability and efficiency. OneStor systems are an entire family of building blocks that you can deploy in many different ways in order to meet your most intense and demanding storage needs.

In addition, the OneStor Integrated Application Platforms offer you the next generation of intelligent storage products for your enterprise. They bring both compute and storage together into a single platform. This, in turn, helps to get rid of additional costs for hardware, minimized the footprint needed and makes cabling a snap. When combined with advanced software capabilities, OEMs can bring the most powerful, flexible and useful capabilities right to the doorstep of your enterprise today.


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