Professional Services

Unitiv’s Professional Services team not only helps you determine the best technology solutions to meet your needs, we also provide the experts to add resources to your team to help implement new technology and optimize your current infrastructure.

We understand that your IT infrastructure is constantly in need of refinement and advancement. This presents never-ending challenges to your IT staff and resources. Unitiv’s Professional Services experts have industry-leading expertise that can help you capitalize on the full potential of your infrastructure.

Our certified engineers have the skills and experience to meet your technical and business requirements. You can focus on your business’ core competencies while we focus on helping you build your strategy to manage and implement simple to complex technical solutions based on your environment and business objectives.

Unitiv’s Solution

Outsourcing professional and project services allows you to concentrate on your business objectives. Resources that you previously directed towards supporting your technology infrastructure you can redirect towards your core business.

With Unitiv’s Professional Services you have access to experts for both your short- and long-term needs.

Here are some potential benefits you’ll acquire from utilizing our Project Services:

•    Access to technological expertise when needed

•    Reduced staffing costs and improved in-house staff allocation

•    Increased project management capabilities

•    On time project implementation and completion

Unitiv’s Expertise

Unitiv employs full time engineers, many with over 20 years of Professional Services experience. Our engineers are certified on an annual basis at the highest levels. Our industry experience includes financial, manufacturing, education, technology, healthcare, retail, and many others.

Our engineers are highly training in all of the following:

•    Solution engineers and project implementation

•    Systems integration

•    Systems and data management

•    Migration services

•    Hardware and software, pre-install staging, testing, installation, and/or upgrade

•    Project management

•    Proof of concept or pilot program for technology and/or upgrade

•    Specialized staffing needs – both long and short term